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elasto-Machine-Mounts isolate shock, motion and vibration of heavy production machinery. The horizontal stiffness  is larger than the vertical stiffness. The recommended use of elasto-Machine-Mounts is when the requirements are to avoid horizontal movements.


  • Motion Isolation: Production efficiency is only possible with preventable downtime. elasto-Machine-Mounts will protect sensitive electric motor or aggregates from incurred  movements.
  • Vibration Absorption: Most machinery transfers vibrations to the immediate environment. With the installation of our elasto-Machine-Mounts the vibration  transfer  will  be prevented.
  • Noise Reduction: All Machinery not isolated produce motion  and noise.  An effective isolation  will be evident with the installation of our elasto-Machine-Mounts


The unique design of the elasto-Machine-Mounts  is that    the  horizontal  stiffness  is greater  than  the vertical stiffness, which is necessary for effective isolation issues.

  • Fail-Safe Design: This important feature is advantageous in some applications with tension force
  • Low overall heights:
  • High Load Capacity: Different sizes for most applications. Mounts  available  are  effective up to a  2,400 kg (5,300 LBS) load.
  • Height Adjustment: This unique  feature  of  leveling prevents vibration transfer to costly machinery, static platforms or factory floors.
  • Maintenance Free and Long Term Durability:
  • The advanced design prevents oil and grease accumulation on the rubber surface.  This  allows  for the use  of durable natural rubber.

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