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Why Elastometall

Elastometall is a German company that has been providing high-quality rubber-metal-boding products for more than 40 years. They are experts in the field of vibration control, noise absorption and shock isolation, and offer customized solutions for the highest demands. Their products include rubber-metal-bonding, machine feet, hollow springs, rubber-metal cone bearings and any other custom applications.  They vulcanize a large part of their products exclusively in Germany to guarantee consistently high quality with the shortest delivery time possible.

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Rubber Blooming in the rubber to metal bonding industry

Video about Rubber Blooming



A customer complaint recently about white milky or crystal-like substance on the rubber surface.


In the rubber industry, we call that substance “Blooming”. Rubber blooming is caused by a vulcanizing agent (a chemical in the compound) that migrants after production. It can be even seen weeks or month after the production date. It’s not considered a reject-able defect and it’s entirely normal so all parts with that effect has no negative effect in the application?


-There is easy way to remove that substance by per-heading an oven at 70° C or 160 ° F.

-Spreading out the parts on a tray.

-Keep parts heated for 30 minutes.

-Wipe off the white substance with fingers or a rag.

-Parts should be clean like new again.