Laboratory Testing

elastometall Ky LLC has successfully implemented a Quality Management System  ISO Certificate 9001 – 2015


We develop our own rubber compound, which are manufactured in our own plant in Ireland. Because of our decades of experience we are capable to develop and manufacture customers requirements, which is suitable for every customer solution.

Our compounded rubber is manufactured and tested according to relevant international standards e.g.

Tensile Strength ASTM D2632
Rebound Resilience ASTM D2240
Shore Hardness ASTM D2240
Density ASTM D 297
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D412

All our rubber compounds are 100% inspected before use.

Lab Equipment
– Dynamic Test Equipment 10kN
– Static Compression and Shear Test Equipment 250kN

Environmental testing
– Ozone
– Cold
– Heat
– Saltwater
– oil
– acid etc.