Rubber Blooming in the rubber to metal bonding industry

Video about Rubber Blooming



A customer complaint recently about white milky or crystal-like substance on the rubber surface.


In the rubber industry, we call that substance “Blooming”. Rubber blooming is caused by a vulcanizing agent (a chemical in the compound) that migrants after production. It can be even seen weeks or month after the production date. It’s not considered a reject-able defect and it’s entirely normal so all parts with that effect has no negative effect in the application?


-There is easy way to remove that substance by per-heading an oven at 70° C or 160 ° F.

-Spreading out the parts on a tray.

-Keep parts heated for 30 minutes.

-Wipe off the white substance with fingers or a rag.

-Parts should be clean like new again.